Switzerland became the leader of the world health rating

Switzerland became the leader of the world health rating

In our review of medical tourism events over the past month, we will talk about the results of the international ranking of healthcare systems, what the British medical service system is criticized for. 

Switzerland became the leader of the world health rating. 

The Euro Health Consumer Index annual report has been published, which you can familiarize yourself with through this link.

The data for 2018 once again confirmed the high level of health care in the Scandinavian countries — Norway and Denmark are ranked third and fourth.

Public criticism of the health care system in the British mass media  

Despite the fact that the UK ranks 16th in this ranking, leaving Italy and Spain behind, the Continental Telegraph newspaper published a study with harsh criticism of the national health care system. Tim Worstall, the editor of the publication in his column, pointedly noted that the British system is not a national treasure, but rather a “national threat”. He further cited statistics, choosing migrants from other EU countries as a target group.

The majority of respondents (78%) were from three countries of Eastern Europe (Poland, Hungary, and Romania), 14% from three countries of Southern Europe (Portugal, Spain, and Italy) and 8% from three countries of Western Europe (Germany, France, and the Netherlands ).  

Overall, only 36% preferred medical treatment in the UK, while 46% chose their country of origin. The remaining 17% were undecided, and 1% preferred a third country. People from Eastern Europe more often chose treatment in the UK than residents of Southern Europe, who, in turn, chose treatment more often in the UK than people from Western Europe.

The original publication of the Continental Telegraph can be found here.

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