Assistance in the entering CIS market

According to experts, every year more than 200,000 tourists from CIS countries travel overseas for medical treatment. They are assisted by more than 200 specialized assistant companies.

  • How to start working with the agencies of medical tourism?
  • How to allocate the marketing budget of the clinic properly to attract more patients and make them fully content with the service?
  • Which strategies of attracting patients are the most effective?

Experts of the Association help you to answer these and other questions.

Expanding partnership network

By participating in the events and meetings organized by the Medical Tourism Agencies Association, or specialized exhibitions, conferences and workshops supported by the Association, you are going to develop a lot of new contacts with the leading medical tourism agencies from all regions of the CIS, which is not always possible when you visit only capital cities. Think of an interesting topic you could represent at the webinar or organize a fam-tour. Check the upcoming events.

Getting more inquiries for medical treatment with EasyCase service

EasyCase online platform is the first international service that unites medical tourism agencies and clinics working with foreigners' inquiries and accepting foreign patients. Most agencies members of the Association send inquiries for treatment using EasyCase service. It is a convenient platform for both entering the CIS market and further developing. Moreover, EasyCase platform unites clinics and agents who send patients all over the world. The main system languages are English and Russian; Spanish and Korean are coming soon. Learn more.


The Association sends regular newsletters on different topics to the agencies members of the Association, and other subscribers (1000+ contacts). Invite the Association team to visit the key events of medical tourism in your country or share interesting news, and we will spread this information and introduce your clinic to our subscribers.

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