EasyCase Logo

EasyCase is an online platform for medical tourism which unites professional medical tourism agencies, assistance companies and clinics in their work with foreign patients.

Who we are:

The EasyCase team is represented by experts of the international medical tourism market and a group of developers from the US and Russia who created the first online B2B platform that allows clinics to receive more foreign patients and agencies to increase sales.

What EasyCase suggests:

Clinics and medical tourism agencies can register and start using the service, which includes:

  • Modern case management system,
  • The chat-dialogues system between agency managers and clinic coordinators,
  • Other technical solutions to facilitate the work of clinics international departments and service departments of medical tourism agencies.

How it will help me

The service helps the clinics to get more treatment inquiries and thus attract more foreign patients to the clinics as well as to establish new partnerships with agencies easier and faster.

The service allows the agencies to receive alternative treatment plans for the patients at no cost and a complex response from clinics faster.

How much it costs

EasyCase service is completely free for medical tourism agencies.

The registration and use of the service for handling patient inquiries for clinics are also free. For more details, please contact info@easycasemed.com.

For more information about the platform, register at easycasemed.com and sign up for an online presentation of the service.