МедиМост Лого

According to the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 05.07.2018, in Russia at the beginning of 2019, the Federal Project for the Development of Medical Services Export was launched. The project is designed for 6 years and the aim is to increase the number of foreign patients coming for treatment to Russia. The Russian hospitals with the most modern facilities and highly qualified specialists, and at the same time with a low cost of treatment, are becoming available to foreigners.

To accomplish this task, Russian hospitals have to change their business processes in terms of service because the service has traditionally been a weak point in Russian Health Care before. Now, hospitals realize that these changes are necessary in order to be competitive at the global medical tourism market.

The MediMost service helps to automate work with patients' requests and implement international standards.

The MediMost service offers those hospitals that are ready to work with patients abroad, meet the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation on personal data, as well as GDPR and HIPAA.

Criteria for selecting medical organizations for cooperation:

  • The hospital operates in Russia
  • The hospital has strong medical specialties in which it has achieved outstanding results
  • The hospital is located at the intersection of transport hubs in major cities of Russia
  • The hospital works with agents and pays a commission for them
  • The hospital provides not only medical but also accommodations for foreign patients
  • The hospital provides quick responses to a patient's request for a possible treatment

How does the MediMost service help agents from all over the world to work with Russian clinics?

For the agent, MediMost is a convenient 'single window' where you can send a patient’s request for treatment to all the necessary hospitals at once and get an answer. Agents see the terms of cooperation with each medical organization before sending a request:

  • Request Response Time
  • Strong Specialties
  • Sample agency agreement
  • Commission amount
  • Other useful information

How much does the MediMost cost?

It is free of charge for facilitators and medical tourism agencies. They can send requests to Russian hospitals after registration and approvement.