• Only professional medical tourism agencies can become participants and honorary members of the Association.
  • The application process for becoming a member is basically the registration process on EasyCase website (Association’s general partner).
  • Professional medical tourism agencies can become members of the Association and use basic features of the platform for free.

Steps to take for becoming a member:

Step 1: Submit an application

You will gain access to the educational database, webinar archive, and Association newsletters immediately.

Step 2: Get verified

  • Fill in all the fields in your profile and agency's profile.
  • Press “Become a member” button.
  • Our agency support manager will contact you within three workdays to verify your data. During this short phone call you'll be asked to tell:
    • about your experience in handling requests and patients on the medical tourism market;
    • the name of a clinic you're working with or its coordinator, able to give you a positive reference.

Step 3: Wait for an email stating that you've been added to the candidate list or have become a member of the Association

Association member candidate receives:

  • Full access to sending inquiries at EasyCase platform. Check out first steps with EasyCase;
  • Association member candidate logo and a link to your personal page for your site to confirm your new status;
  • A convenient request form to embed in your website so that the new requests from patients will immediately get structured into your EasyCase account.

Association member receives:

  • Full access to all clinics at EasyCase platform ;
  • Association Member Personal Certificate (available in your profile at EasyCase);
  • Association Member logo and a link to your personal page for your site to confirm your new status.

Use EasyCase platform to assist 30 patients and become an Honorary Member of the Association.


Membership in the Association is free