Association is open for new partners from CIS countries (like Russia, Kazakhstan etc.), as well as from countries that develop their medical tourism services or support this market's development. As an Association, we constantly seek new possibilities for business development for member agencies.

Focus areas of partnership:


We take part in many world-level exhibitions, as well as those taking place in Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries; more than often we participate as speakers, building communication between agencies and clinics. Specialized exhibitions are the best way to bring parties in contact, and we are eager to build partnership with best platforms in various collaboration projects.

Non-commercial Institutions

Organizations, foundations and other non-commercial institutions, both private and governmental, that support the development of medical tourism market. We are interested in any information and advertising support, help in building contacts with clinics from respective countries, and also in organizing fam-tours for companies that send patients to clinics.


Clinics from various countries and their representatives, eager to share their experience, help to train agents and top management of medical tourism agencies, organize fam-tours and participate in different events, both online and offline. We are particularly interested in countries like Korea, India, Japan, Turkey, Israel, Germany, USA, Spain, and in disciplines like oncology, transplantation, cardiosurgery, neurosurgery, neurology and other important disciplines which involve operative treatment.


Federal and regional associations of Russia and Kazakhstan, which work in fields related to medical tourism, information portals and specialized platforms, which can provide collaboration projects that may have synergistic effect.

Other Partners

Partners from other areas, which provide possibilities for medical tourism agencies business development on special terms.

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