IMTAA Marketing Director: our goals for 2019

IMTAA Marketing Director: our goals for 2019

— Medical tourism market is a growing and developing niche in many countries, and ours is no exception. We worked under developing outbound medical tourism for several years. The EasyCase service aimed to automate the patients' request flow to hospitals overseas. In 2019, the EasyCase service will start working with Russian hospitals. 

I'd like to say a few words about our team and our current goals in the following year. 

1. The EasyCase service is our priority project. The service is not an intermediary. This is an IT solution and tool that helps to automate routine and to protect patients' data. However, automation is not needed for everyone in the medical tourism market. It is a solution for professionals who are managing the patients' flow on a regular basis. We also made integration with amoCRM with this in mind. It is a popular CRM. By using this, you can see your clients on every stage of a sales funnel. 

2. Information activities. As previously, we will take part in the main medical tourism events of Russian-speaking countries and in the world. We share useful information on the market in our newsletters which you get three times a month now.  

3. Information tours. We continue to provide assistance for our partners who want to gather a group of medical agencies representatives for visiting their familiarization tours. EasyCase users are preferable now. 

4. Our partnership base that consists of more than 100 hospitals around the world. It could be helpful in that case if an agency has not reliable partners. Now, working with hospitals became much easier. You need only an email address to communicate with international departments coordinators. Our set goal is to reach 300 hospitals in our partnership list. 

5. Webinars. We decided to suspend webinars producing at the beginning of 2019. Firstly, the previous webinars have already had much information about marketing, sales and medical tourism destinations. It would be enough to educate newcomers who are coming to the business. Secondly, we work under a new set of webinars, but it is still a secret now. 

Alla Rezina, Marketing Director

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