Medical Tourism events 2019

Medical Tourism events 2019

We made a list of the exhibitions in which you can take part in the following 2019 year. 



March 12–14
Russia, Moscow, „Expocenter“

The exhibition is recommended for participation to hospitals abroad. At the exhibition you can find partners among medical tourism agencies that are interested in cooperation. The Medical Tourism Agencies Association will take part in the event.


14–16 March
South Korea, Seoul

The event is dedicated to the global market of medical services, the business program has two sections on the topic of medical tourism: strategies to attract foreign patients and innovations in the market of medical tourism. Recommended for clinics, planning to develop in the market of the inbound medical tourism.

The event is aimed at hospitals that prefer to receive patients directly, without intermediaries. Most of the visitors are private individuals, so the clinics often bring doctors with them for consultation. The Medical Tourism Agencies Association will participate in Medshow.

HESTOUREX Congress Exhibition

April 4–7
Turkey, Antalya

Thhe congress event aimed at promoting Turkey in the medical tourism market. It is recommended to visit for those who are going to work with Turkish clinics. The Medical Tourism Agencies Association will take part in this exhibition.

A whole section of the exhibition is dedicated to the medical and health tourism. Among the participating countries are the Russian Federation, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Ukraine. Among the declared participants you will find sanatoriums, medical centers, centers of alternative medicine. We recommend the exhibition for clinics from Turkey and other countries who are close in culture to Azerbaijan.

BIMTE 2019 
April 9–11
Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek

4th International Specialized Medical Tourism Exhibition is recommended for the participation of clinics in Turkey and Asia and other countries that are close in culture and mentality.

April 17–19
Kazakhstan, Almaty

One of the sections of the exhibition is devoted to the medical tourism. The event is suitable for clinics that are interested in an influx of patients from Kazakhstan. Association will take part in this exhibition.

23–25 мая
Uzbekistan, Tashkent

The business part of the Congress is scheduled to discuss international legal issues in relation to the market of medical tourism. The representatives of international hospitals, medical tourism agencies, insurance companies, government agencies will visit the congress. It is recommended to agencies who plan to build and develop partnerships with Indian clinics.

April 18–20
China, Shanghai

The event is scheduled to be attended by 500 hospitals with an international reputation in the market of medical tourism. Participation of 32 countries and 95,000 visitors, including representatives of travel agencies and medical tourism agencies and individuals, are announced. Recommended for those who plan to develop inbound or outbound tourism with China.

Healthcare Travel Expo
June 11–12
Ukraine, Kiev

This exhibition is recommended for those who are promoting their services in the Ukrainian market of medical tourism. The the event will be dedicated to the inbound and outbound medical tourism.

„Otdykh Leisure 2019“

September 10–12
Russia, Moscow, Expocenter

25th International trade fair for travel & tourism. The exhibition will be of interest to travel agencies, also engaged in the medical tourism.

December 2–6
Russia, Moscow, Expocenter

MTE is the largest exhibition at the CIS medical tourism market. This is a specialized exhibition organized by Expocentre which takes place during the Russian Healthcare week. It is provided with a good business program for a B2B audience by IMTAA. Its visitors are the medical tourism agencies and doctors.

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