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Natalia Strokovska.

Journalist, Editor-in-Chief DoctorGEO&SPA Journal, Member of the Association of European Journalists (AEJ).

Evgeniy Chernyshev: Natalia! What brought you to medical tourism?

Natalia Strokovska: Everything was set! Medical tourism found me! I was a medical journalist, worked in the most popular media in Ukraine. And a lot of patients went to a newspaper or magazine as the last institution to solve the problem of medical errors. In most cases, people complained about poor medical care. It was painful to listen. It was very bad times for Healthcare in CIS. I was tired of medicine, I decided to change my profile and started looking for a job in economic media. And on the eve of 2012, I made a wish for Christmas that I want to find a job, where I will receive joy, where I can be useful to people.

A few days later my friend called me and gave me contacts from a Moscow publisher who was looking for the editor-in-chief for the magazine on medical tourism. It was a way how medical tourism found me. For me, this sphere has become a real discovery. Before that, I did not understand that you can go abroad and solve health problems. Medical tourism gives chance to many people not only to save lives but also to return quality of life. I released the magazine, but the publication stopped.

So I decided to continue working in this field. And I really enjoy the opportunity to help people. The development of my company DoctorGEO has reached a large scale today. We receive applications not only in the CIS from all 15 former republics. Also, we receive applications in Russian from the countries of Europe and America. And our DoctorGEO&SPA Journal on treatment abroad is distributed in 4 CIS countries — Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan.

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