Dubai Health Experience: a new ambitious project on the health tourism market


The medical tourism market has been demonstrating stable growth for two decades already. And one of the most significant and anticipated events in the market over the past few years has been the information that Dubai and its leading medical centers, with the support of the government, have taken the course to attract foreign patients. The goal is ambitious — 500,000 foreign patients per year by 2020. This is the figure that many countries of the world have been trying to attain for decades.

But experts agree that Dubai, a potential pearl at the global medical tourism market, is able to achieve its goal. The government of the United Arab Emirates has assimilated the best experience of different countries in the medical tourism market and launched the Dubai Health Experience project — a grandiose project to build an international medical cluster in Dubai.

So what is Dubai on the international map of medical tourism? Why has the project attracted the attention of experts and tens of thousands of patients from all over the world during the first months of its existence? Will Dubai surprise the whole world with the extent of the medical tourism project?

This is the theme of the webinar from the Medical Tourism Agencies Association. A representative of the Ministry of Health of Dubai, curator of the Dubai Health Experience project is a special guest of the webinar.

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