А fine example of cooperation between medical tourism market players in Vladivostok

participants at the conference in Vladivostok

Most of the market participants have got used to exhibitions, workshops for clinics and agencies, conferences for doctors. At this events, visitors, as usual, have deals with old and new partners who play the same role in the medical tourism market. Everyone wants to get more patients, thus, many companies focus on the set goal and don’t pay enough attention to the strategy and future work program.

Leading-edge companies such as Soon Chun Hyang Hospital or and the EasyCase service made presentations and shared their visions on how will the CIS market be developed in the nearest future. 

The event in Vladivostok demonstrated an example of the new format. On 30th, June, and 1st, July, key participants, who work with the international patients, have discussed the issues of collaboration. The conference was organized by the Vernal agency. This is one of the largest and successful medical tourism agencies in Russia. The meeting has helped to bring together agencies, hospitals, and Medical Tourism Agencies Association.

Furthermore, strict requirements for transferring personal data and medical information have stimulated the interest in the possible potential of the EasyCase service. It automatizes and supports sustainable business processes between clinics, agencies and insurance companies and helps them to fulfill the requirements of the GDRP and HIPAA.

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